Panel PC

Industrial grade semicom pc panelequipment

Industrial environments are characterised by harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, vibrations, magnetic fields and other emissions. Therefore, industrial grade equipment that are designed to work in such tough conditions are needed. Such equipment as an industrial panel pc which are powerful computing platforms used in industries. These items have the following advantages:

Low total cost of Ownership

The initial cost of purchasing these equipment are higher than office grade equipment.However losses and maintenance cost associated with office grade equipment make the industrial grade equipment cheaper. For instance, the maintenance costs are very low since they rarely breakdown. The production is not affected by unplanned downtime thus preventing losses. Moreover, these equipment do not need additional cost like cooling costs.

Helps in maximising Production
The ability to withstand the harsh conditions caused by other machines in the industry means these equipment do no break down easily. This means the factory is able to operate throughout thus maximising production. Equipment breakdown leads to low production.

They are designed with a Mounting Feature
In industrial environments, a mounting feature is critical. If an equipment is not well mounted, it can be destroyed by the shock waves caused by other machines in the industry. These industrial grade equipment comes with a mounting feature which counters shock deterioration. Furthermore, the mounting is simple and does not require a lot of time unlike trying to mount an office grade equipment which is complex.

Data Security
These equipment also enhances data security. For instance, any data stored in the panel pc cannot be corrupted or damaged by the environment. It is designed to withstand conditions such as high temperatures and vibration which could damage the disks used to store data.


The industrial grade equipment is very durable.  Since they are made for harsh conditions, the manufacturers durable components will make the whole panel PC last longer.

Therefore it is important to use an industrial grade equipment in industrial environment for better return on investment.