Unhealthy lifestyle:
Problems and Solutions
Phan Ngoc Trung NhanPre 2 K2017 – (Upper-Intermediate 1)
Mr. T?n – Mr. Mark Young
Apr 05, 2018
Phan Ngoc Trung NhanMr. T?n, Mr. Mark Young
Upper-Intermediate 1
April 05, 2018
Unhealthy lifestyle: Problems and Solutions
People are living in a stressful world so they might have different kinds of unhealthy lifestyle. According to Wood (2010), unhealthy lifestyle always combines with smoking, drinking, poor diet and lack of exercise, which may lead to a higher chance of cancer; or it could due to environmental pollution. Health plays an important role in human’s life. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right food or the right healthier way in our life. Moreover, environmental pollution could affect people in their life as well. This essay will discuss about health issue on quality of life, how environment pollution affects human’s life nowadays and some solutions for this lifestyle.
Firstly, the healthy diet has become popular in this society. Hamer, Molloy and Stamatakis (2008) declare that there is a relation between the level of physical activity and diet or nutrition that people consume from different foods. When a person eats too much, the calorie would be converted into fat or cholesterol which is detrimental for people’s health. It means they will become overweight or obese. There are some dangerous aspects if they are suffering from obesity such as high blood pressure, body pain, easily tired. Even though people eat a lot of fruits and some natural foods as well, it might be produced some harmful effects. For example, we all know that eat too much animal fat is the main cause of sickness but most of us eat every day and it has become main food of their meal. Some people know saturated fat. Therefore, it could make people get a disease and be overweight. (BBC n.d.). There are numbers of fats in fish, chicken, eggs, beans and food made from these. Unsaturated fat maybe better for people, but eating too much fat of any type can increase weight. It would be better to buy lean meat instead of fatty meat or solid fat. The best way is to eat more fish or different kinds of nutritional food. Some traditional meal, they have used pulses provide good nutrition to reduce the use of animals’ fat in cooking. (Morbidity, Mortality, 1996).

Secondly, environmental pollution could lead to unhealthy lifestyle as well. The pollution can happen in many different ways such as contained water and air. First of all, the indoor air pollution will make children getting diseases. Cooking and heating with solid fuels on traditional stoves will produce carbon monoxide, especially affected woman and young children. As reported by the Global Health Risks, indoor air pollution leads to 2.7% of world disease. (WTO n.d). Moreover, air pollution also drives to higher temperature and greenhouse effect. Take Chicago as an example, many citizens feel like it is too dangerous due to the high humidity and air pollution. People with pulmonary and respiratory diseases are very delicate so they should limit their activities. Water pollution also threaten the tap water quality. According to EWG, the biggest sources of pollutants are agriculture and industry. The environmental group has found that the water people drink every day contains about 260 chemical contaminants altogether. The pollution will be more badly affect human beings. (Larry West, n.d).

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Finally, if you want to get on with a healthy life you should eat healthier food such as fruit, fresh meat … and reduce the amount of fat that you eat every day. Moreover, doing exercise is a good way to maintain your health, join some yoga club or gym.
In conclusion, the way people live and the environment has a huge effect to the life. People should care more about health, change the way people are living to avoid being sick or ill.Works cited
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