Apheresis is derived from Greek word meaning “to take away”

Apheresis is derived from Greek word meaning “to take away”. (1)Apheresis means the procedure to separate blood components by removal or exchange of one part of the blood. (2)
Two terms of Therapeutic plasmapheresis and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) are frequently used synonymously.
Blood draws from a patient following by extracorporeal separation and removal of a cellular component or plasma, the remaining blood components returns to patient. Cytapheresis is the method by which cellular elements of the blood, platelets, leucocytes, lymphocytes, red blood cells (RBC’s), are selectively separated from the blood. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange is a process that plasma removes from a patient including antibodies, immune complexes, inflammatory mediator, paraproteins, lipoproteins and toxins, excess cells) which is causing harm.(3)

Therapeutic apheresis is an extracorporeal treatment in the several diseases such as: hematologic oncologic , neurologic, nephrologic, Rheumatologic(4)

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