Appropriate behaviour and respect for each other will promote inclusion within a group

Appropriate behaviour and respect for each other will promote inclusion within a group. It will encourage individuals to feel safe and valued by their team members, which will encourage learners to openly participate and contribute to the class and group discussions, and get involved in exercises. Feeling unsecure, bullied or even threatened either by a fellow classmate or by the lecturer themselves will discourage individuals to communicate and interact with others, and can potentially create psychological issues within the individual especially if this behaviour is expressed towards them for an extensive period of time. He/she may link this negative experience to specific aspects of the teaching sessions within which these experience occur i.e. training subject, training location, and could develop a life long dislike or even repulsion towards these specifics or even towards the experience of learning as a whole.

I was participating in a Security course in Manchester where one of the students, a mature male student showed inappropriate behaviour and level of aggression towards another younger male student. Under some heated conversations about how to go by a group exercise, the older male student threatened the younger male student that he would break his arm. Luckily the threatened younger male student’s personality and also his professional background (he was a Royal Air Force personnel) enabled him to confidently react to this situation, and the mature male student has been reported to the Course Leaders. He was interviewed about the situation and subsequently expelled from the course as to demonstrate that inappropriate behaviour would not be tolerated. I believe he may have also had to face some consequences at his work place as he was a member of the airport security personnel where it was also expected that employees promote appropriate and respectful behaviour towards others at all times. He was sponsored by his workplace to attend this course.

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