As I walk down on the golden and warm sand

As I walk down on the golden and warm sand, trying to find a perfect spot to lie down and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset. I look up at the sky; I see the magical colours that cover the whole sky. Blue, pink, and orange are gorgeously mixed together to make the most delightful view. The round and yellowish-orange sun is halfway in the water, saying goodbye to the world so it comes back the next day with a bright and beautiful shine. The ocean water is prettily reflecting the attractive colours of the sky and the late sun.
I close my eyes; I hear the many birds tweeting before they go to sleep and the sound of the light and calming waves that are smoothly touching my feet. I feel a cool and gentle breeze that is making the fine sand slightly move. The warmness of the sun makes me feel warm and peaceful.
I get up to put my feet in the refreshing water. I step on a beautiful shell by accident and I pick it up and keep it as a memory of this nice day. The sun is disappearing and is diving into the ocean water. The colours of the sky changed from blue, pink and orange to a dark blue colour. The full and bright moon appeared in the middle of the sky, and the twinkling and shining stars that are covering the sky.