Conclusion- In conclusion

Conclusion- In conclusion, emotional intelligence plays very important role in everyday life of human beings at home as well as at work place. The main five key elements of EI enhance the productivity of one particular organisation. In addition, a great presence of self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are major part of perfect emotional intelligence to upgrade a business effectively. Moreover, when we are sharing our ideas and point of view with others regarding emotional intelligence then it spreads the positive vibes and ultimately listeners develop EI and get success in future. It facilitates interpersonal relationships at work place as well as at home. However, the use of technological gadgets as communication tools has lead to the social isolation in people. It can be said that technology has come up with a number of advantages but at the same time it has also resulted into negative results for the emotional intelligence level among people. The use of technology is extremely important in the current environment but at the same time people should also meet formally to interactions as technology can never replace human interactions. In addition to this, technologies also have impact on its five dimensions of emotional intelligence. On the other hand, with active listening highly emotionally intelligent person can feel the state of mind of others and able to make the decision by giving them appropriate feedback. It develops the organisation culture to work effectively and also encourages others to do so to maximise the productivity and maintains interpersonal relationships.