For thousands of years

For thousands of years, long before Gutenberg’s printing press, access to books and scrolls in order to get information was seen as a luxury. However, Gutenberg’s revolutionary invention in the 15th century changed the print culture forever. Now, about 6 centuries later it is the digital revolution which has caught the attention of the mass. While these technological advancements continue to make our lives easier it is not wrong to say that the digital world does continue to affect the reading habits of the youth.

Mark Bauerlin an Emory University professor and the author of the book “The Dumbest Generation” This provocatively titled tome charts how young people aren’t interested in reading. In a recent study, it was found that people in the age group of 15-35 are consistently less knowledgeable about current events than their elders. The survey found that the knowledge gap was widest on foreign affairs. So, how does one reduce this knowledge gap? The answer would be by making the youth acquire the habit of reading daily.

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Some of the benefits of reading can be:-
Enhancement of Vocabulary
Increase in memory
Knowledge Gain
Development of writing skills
Stress reduction
Reading is the lost habit in our ever-developing world of technological advancements but one must always remember reading is not a chore, reading to our mind is what exercising is to our body.