Good Literature is a book that contains unique characters

Good Literature is a book that contains unique characters, intriguing plots, universal themes, excellent language, and a good life lesson or moral. A Separate Peace is not considered good literature because there seems to be no good message of any kind or an intriguing plot. One character, Gene, is a follower and will do anything to impress other people. There are some other characters with negative traits like this that make it seem like the book has no valuable message.
When Finny, Gene’s extremely athletic friend, asks Gene to jump off a tree into a river with him and start a secret group, he accepts the request. Then, when they are both on the tree, Gene’s knees bend, causing Finny to fall off and break his leg. Everyone considered this an accident but then Gene eventually confesses, which causes Finny to rush on some stairs and hurt his leg once again. This series of events does not seem to prove any point or send a useful message to the reader.