Grammar- Correct grammar ensures what is written is correctly understood

Grammar- Correct grammar ensures what is written is correctly understood. A sentence with errors could be difficult to read and possibly cause misunderstandings. Correct grammar ensures better understanding and gives more concise information.

Sentence structure – It allows for communication to be correctly interpreted and allows for variation and doesn’t become repetitive to read. A variety of sentence types can emphasise different points and ideas.

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Punctuation – Correct punctuation enables communication to be readable and easy to understand. Punctuation is used to separate sentences (tell the reader where to take a breath ) and convey a particular point. If the punctuation is incorrect it can convey an inconsistent message and possibly inaccurate meaning,

Spelling – Correct spelling ensures business communication is information giving is correct and the particular meaning is conveyed in the right way. A misspelled word can change the entire meaning of a sentence and give the wrong impression.