Have a large site that needs a lot of liquid concert pumped into it

Have a large site that needs a lot of liquid concert pumped into it? That’s where the concert pump comes in. A concrete pump is an important part of any conation site. There are three main types of concrete pumps: Boom Pump, this type of pump is attached to a truck and uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm, and with that arm it purees concrete accurately at the site. Boom pumps are usually used at big projects and the reason for that is the capability of pumping high volume of concrete in less time. And saves labor because of its multi-purpose robotic arm. And second type is Trailer Pump this type of pump is mounted on a trailer and needs a rubber hose to be attached to the vent of the machine and can be joined to another extension hose to reach the appropriate site where the concrete needs to be put. And usually trailer is used in projects that require smaller volume pumping such as sidewalks, swimming pools, and small homes concrete slabs. And finally, the specialized usage pumps these pumps are precisely made for particular job sites such as mines and tunnels. Concert pump costs between 50k-300k depends on the type, condition, model or the year of production of the truck