Having the ability to influence is critical in business

Having the ability to influence is critical in business. The SCARF model (Rock, 2008) is a key method for influencing and negotiating with others. Rock suggests the five elements of the model drive human behaviours. The SCARF model is built on the idea that the brain reacts to threats and rewards in social interactions. The “threat” response reduces the brains ability to make decisions and collaborate with others, whereas the “reward” response is an effective way to persuade when negotiating with others it’s crucial that the reward response is maximised as this increases the likelihood of positive persuasion and interactions. If a human feels threatened they aren’t going to think and solve problems effectively. Understanding factors that trigger the reward response will help to drive the desired result in a negotiation. When both sides are satisfied with their agreement, the odds of a long-lasting and successful business partnership are higher (Shonk, 2018).