Human can identify thousands of faces despite considerable changes in terms of age

Human can identify thousands of faces despite considerable changes in terms of age, gender, emotional state, skin colour and so forth. This type of information plays an important role during visual communication among humans. The use of facial information during interaction achieved by the remarkable ability of humans to accurately identify and interpret faces and facial expression in real time.
Facial recognition or sometimes known as face recognition is a process of recognizing an individual from their facial attributes. It is an integral part of the biometric system, an active field in image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and many other discipliner (Parmar and Metha, 2013). Facial recognition software can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in a database.
Music is an essential element in everybody daily lives. People often spend hours listening or even money buying it. Music listening can help people to express their deepest feeling when they could not find any suitable words to say it. Music can affect one person emotion and moods at different degree. It can change the way you think, speck, feel and even your behaviour. Research prove that music gives psychotherapeutic benefits. It has the ability to uplift or depressing an individual’s emotion and mood. Emotion can range from anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise and so on. It is a complex state of feeling that may cause physical or mentally changes, which then will affect someone’s behaviour or thought. Moods are feelings that are last longer compare to emotions. It can be either positive or negative. Therefore, when a person is happy, they tend to listen to happy and joyful music. However, they will chose to listen to sad music to release the emotion that cause them to feel depress and pain.