Human resource plays an important role in promoting productivity of an organization

Human resource plays an important role in promoting productivity of an organization.
Human factors occupied highest rate in hindering productivity it has been stated that among factors of production, human being is the most important resources in the organization as it has vast creative potentialities and capabilities.
Men, materials, money and machine are regarded as the four important factors of production human being constitute much prominent role in organization at all levels and are regarded as only dynamic factor of production. This is the only active factor among the factor of production it is the human efforts which turn organization objectives into reality. Though the mechanism of factories replaced the man power requirement, the significance of the manpower not vanished yet.
Absenteeism is one of the major evils faced by the Indian industry. Though this is worldwide in nature, but its level varies from country to country and industry. However, the incidence of this problem is high in Sri. Venkatesh Hero Motocorp, Kalaburagi.
Employee’s attendance at work place during the listed time is highly essential for the smooth running of the production process is exacting and the organization in broad. Although the importance of their presence employees sometimes fall short to report at the work place during the schedule time, which is recognized as ‘ABSENTEEISM”.