In the last couple of at least 20 we have seen the rise in the use of computer based technology in education

In the last couple of at least 20 we have seen the rise in the use of computer based technology in education. Technology in school has walked from using hugely huge desktop computers, to the push for bringing your own personal devices into the classroom. Students have been inspirited to become technological users and teachers have were amazed at how skilled and technologically literate many students are. These technological skills are not enough, students need to develop digital fluency in order to create success in both their work and personal lives.

Literacy is that you understanding what tools to use and how to use them, students who are digitally literate able to use technology with little guidance or instruction. Proficiency in navigating these tools and interfaces has enlivened learning for many students and improved their engagement with their learning. It is most important that the users of technology walks from being only consumers of technology to becoming createer of technology. To become createer, students need to become digitally fluent.
Digital fluency is the not only to understand the basics of technology but also to easily include them into the work day. For example, fluency in a language would require you not only to speak or understand it on a rudimental level but also to be able to communicate smoothly and effectively in that language. Basic and simple literacy is one thing, however deeper understanding of technology to be able to communicate effectively with others about technology at work , understanding of the categorical hardware and software used to complete daily tasks, take care of workplace responsibilities and the ability to choose and properly use the systems that are most effective for the workplace

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For a possible employee, this signals being able to use the tools and technologies that are now in place at the place where you chose to work. Employers, will find that employees use the latest technology in their field. They don’t choose to constantly update old machinery, they want to see technology in action.