Programme: Diploma in Education and Training – DET
Level 5
Micro Teaching – 2 sessions
Student Teacher: Edith Nkemdilim
ID: 23585
LESSON PLAN – 1 DATE: 27th Nov 2017
TOPIC: Equality and value Diversity in Education
Teachers to Pay attention to the needs of students from diverse groups within your course design – including an equality analysis/impact assessment processes in your course development is a useful way of ensuring that you give due consideration to inclusivity and accessibility.

Teacher to explicit to students the standards of conduct that you expect in the way that they interact and dealing promptly and appropriately with inappropriate behaviour.

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Teachers to identify opportunities within your teaching for students to work collaboratively in diverse groups.

Teachers to devise creative and respectful ways of using the diverse experiences of students to add value to the learning experience for everyone.

At the end of these planned lessons, the learners should be able to express their thoughts clearly and accurately on:
Treating all staff and students fairly
Creating an inclusive culture for all staff and students
Ensuring equal access to opportunities to enable learners to fully participate in the learning process
To enable all staff and students to develop to their full potential
To equip all staff and students with the skills to challenge inequality and discrimination in their work and study environment
To ensure policies, procedure and processes don’t discriminate
Ensuring that learning materials do not discriminate against any individuals or groups.

Approximate Time: 5 hours DISCRIPTION RESOURCES Assessment
I am going to teach the students on how to value people by respecting individuals regardless of their cultural background, disability or sex orientation.
The resources for today are some pictorial board, makers,
computer, slides, printed handouts, projector.

1.Questions, answers
2.Practice questions to encourage observation
3. learners and teacher feedbacks.