Including everyone no matter their religion

Including everyone no matter their religion, beliefs and disabilities, supporting each other and working with one another, being respectful to one another and treating people how you would want them to treat you. For example, A owner should not favouritise his/her workers within the workplace, he/she should include everyone and treat them equally.Giving people more opportunities and support, and overall working together as a team. The sex discrimination act 1975, is an act which prevents discrimination towards people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual and transgender (LGBTS), this act is for both genders males and females. In relation to equality, diversity and inclusion, this act helps and supports people of LGBT to be respected, included and given opportunities like any other person also treated equally like others. For example a service user refuses to communicate and be cared for from a practitioner who is a lesbian.This act also allows same sex marriage so they have equal rights as everyone else.