Liberal democracy is such a political system in which attempts are made to defend and increase civil liberties against the infringement of governments

Liberal democracy is such a political system in which attempts are made to defend and increase civil liberties against the infringement of governments, institutions and powerful forces in society. It restricts or regulates government intervention in political, economic and moral matters which might the people, increases the scope for religious, political and intellectual freedom of citizens, raises question about the demands made by powerful vested interest groups seeking special privileges for their personal benefits rather than social benefits. It also initiates to develop a society open to talent and which rewards citizens on merit, rather than on rank, privilege, race or gender. To sum up, liberal democracy frame rules that maximise the well being of all or most citizens. There are many features of liberal democracy among them most important ones are Citizen, Universal Suffrage, Political Party and Constitution. Citizen is the most important part to start considering about democracy. It is from the citizens that democratic governments receive their authorization and it is to the citizens that they remain accountable and responsive. Every citizens have the equality of political rights, which allows member of the society to participate in activities of the political sector like voting, protesting, running the administrative division and the like. Obviously there remain certain restrictions like legal age of majority. Basic rights to press, assembly, publishing etc. are the main goal of every form of democracies as a part of the democracy system, citizen rights and freedom is also considered as a key feature to the liberal democracy. Related to the equality of political rights, political participation refers to distributing political responsibilities among the ruled and the rulers. Liberal democracy gives the individuals to express their opinions towards political aspects in an efficient way. In liberal democratic society, people vote to the party or the candidate they trust to represent them to made big decisions in the future period. This free and fair universal suffrage helps to construct the very nature basis of the democracy of self-correction process. Another feature of liberal democracy is that it operates under the majority rule. For taking important decisions about nation, people’s will is obtained through free and fair election. Although majority rule is practiced, interests of minority are respected and attempts are made to resolve those problem. Under a liberal democracy, power is distributed among the people on the principles like Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances etc.

In a liberal-democracy, opposition or pressure groups are allowed to freely operate without any fear of being victimized. Their main function is to keep the government on its toes and to influence their policies. They also criticize the government when the government is acts irresponsibly, which may effect the citizens. A liberal-democracy also makes room for an impartial judiciary. This is to ensure that when the rights of citizens are trampled upon, they can have a place to take action. Judiciary systems are given some supreme power in liberal democracy.

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