Mathematical Essay I consider mathematics as a very important tool in life

Mathematical Essay

I consider mathematics as a very important tool in life. My real first memories where in the 1st grade. I would learn division, subtraction, multiplication and addition. At first it was hard but, as I grew to understand the subject more it became easier. Math became my favourite subject in school and I started to thrive and had the highest marks in class. I was so proud of myself, proud that I made my parents proud and that I achieved something big. Those days where my most memorable in the lower primary school, and boy were they great. I must say that I had fun learning a new subject. It was like learning a new language and speaking it fluently . I was happy that i could achieve that much at such a early stage in my life.

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From my primary years, mathematics became more demanding when I became an 7th-8th grade student. It was quite a transition as much as I can remember. The mathematical problems that were taught in the primary school became more complex and was more difficult to learn. Nevertheless I strived and did the best I could to achieve my goals. Though at this time my math grades are not where I want them to be I will work hard to bring them up and past this grade with flying colors. Our teachers during this time presented example in class and gave homework without further explanation. During this time me and my peers had to turn to internet websites such as and photomath. Sometimes some of the work had to be self taught to understand and catch up with the teacher. I know that I have to work hard to get decent grades to impress my parents and peers. In school it is lie a race to see w