My placement is in local residential care home in Ayr

My placement is in local residential care home in Ayr. For completion of graded unit project Ihave selected a client who has a permanent colostomy and an attachment of colostomy bag atthe site. A colostomy means a surgical opening into the colon. This project includes threestages called planning, development and evaluation of a practical activity where I will change acolostomy bag.This client is of 78 years old lady who has been cared for last six months and was transferredfrom Ayr General Hospital. Due to permanent colostomy bag attachment at the site her normalmovement altered and as a result of this normal movement got a diversion. So she is requiredto change the bag from time to time. This changing of bag will minimize the risk of infection andtissue integrity. The constant moisture condition may aggravate the condition, so it’s importantto maintain her hygiene and promote independence.