Social Networking is an Internet phenomenon which has taken the virtual world by storm

Social Networking is an Internet phenomenon which has taken the virtual world by storm, and plays an essential role in modern life. Since it is widely used, the advantages and disadvantages of it are frequently debated. It is an undeniable fact that social networking brings us many benefits. First of all, social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter not only enable us to keep in touch with friends, even the long-lost friends and families but also help ones to expand their horizons by making new friends from many other countries. These networking portals allow us interacting with people of similar tastes, thoughts and likes and enriching our relationships. Moreover, people can express their views on public matters and feelings on such platforms so that we can get to know one another better. Apart from connecting people, jobs opening, business expansions and online business are all possible with the help of social networking sites. Some sites are especially created for business alone, which makes transactions much easier and faster. On the other hand, along with the positive effects, there are also negative ones. The probably worst disadvantage of social networking is loss of privacy. With so much carelessly sharing on these platforms, scammers can take your information, and you could fall prey to scam and online threats without knowing. Furthermore, social networking has increased cases of cyber-bullying, especially among youths. This causes harm to victims and can lead to depression and even suicide in extreme cases. Obviously, such dangers cannot be neglected. In conclusion, as with any new invention, there are both benefits and disadvantages. It is in the user’s hand to get the greatest advantages.