The early romantic period coincide with the age of revolution

The early romantic period coincide with the age of revolution. This is a really turbulent time in American history and also in Europe. A time in which the emergence of democratic states rebelled against monarchy, all man are created equal. This period is dramatic, revolutionary and also marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Romanticism was a literary and artistic movement of the nineteenth century. It was based on the « preference for personal expression ». There are characteristics of romanticism such as emotional, feelings, individual experience. It is a new style of expression connected with emotions and imagination. Nature is a source of truth and inspiration, non-conformity, individuality and self-reliance.The two poets have a similar theme. All about the vision of America. Walt Whitman thinks that America is a place where everybody, whatever the color or their background, is equal. He wants to tell to all the people that America is the best place to show the diversity of the country. As we say there is no work more important than the other one. He wants to remind to all that they have common links and they will have to fight together to make it happen. Whitman identifies himself as an American.