The global operation strategy of Sapura Kencana Petroleum Bhd

The global operation strategy of Sapura Kencana Petroleum Bhd. has operation strategies require an international dimension. As we know SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd. is a multinational corporation which is a firm with extensive international business involvement .A firm that has extensive involvement in international business, owning or controlling facilities in more than one country. MNCs buy resources , create good or services and sell goods or services in a variety of countries. The term multinational corporation applies to most of the world’s large, well known businesses. As we know Sapura Kencana Petroleum Bhd. is a full-fledged upstream player headquartered in Malaysia and one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions providers. With a multinational workforce comprising over 7,500 employees spanning over 35 nationalities, comprehensive world-class assets and project management capabilities, the Group’s global presence is visible in over 20 countries. This includes Malaysia, China, Australia, Brazil, the United States of America, as well as those in Western Africa and the Middle East.