The role of Non-governmental organisations has helped BP

The role of Non-governmental organisations has helped BP, increase their research on working on new projects. This has helped BP gain more communication methods as, they are working with a new team of people and they are often consulting with relevant local and international NGOs, who have been giving BP opportunities to provide specialized experts on managing different projects. Back in 2013, BP had been in discussion about biodiversity, climate change, energy policy, and they started to operate in sensitive areas in arranged meetings where BP and NGOs both got to express their ideas as a strong way of communication. This is important for both sides because, it allows them to make sure that they are both on the same page with the work both sides are doing. However; as they will not see each other for long periods of time, the loss of communication can be a problem as their ideas may clash, or their ideas may not match up. In the 15 countries, around 90,000 have participated in BP’s global tracking research programmes which took place in 2013. The new customer service program also helped BP, recieve how their customers feel about their satisfaction with help they were given and how well their business was recognised.