There are many plot elements and details in the story that differ between Harrison Bergeron and 2081

There are many plot elements and details in the story that differ between Harrison Bergeron and 2081. These elements play an important part shaping and affecting the mood and atmosphere of the story.

In Harrison Bergeron, there are many examples of things that appear in the story but not in the movie. One example of this is the magic realism that appears at the end of the story. Near the end of the story Harrison Bergeron and the ballerina are described as floating in the air neutralizing gravity with love and pure will. This is an example of magic realism that affects the mood of the story and adds to the climax. Also, unlike the dark atmosphere that is portrayed in the movie, the magic realism lightens the mood. Another example of a plot change was with the character George. In the movie, George seems tired and sad. However, in the story, George seems more light and happy even making a slight joke in the line, “Two years in prison and two thousand dollars fine for every ball I took out. I don’t call that a bargain.” This also helps to give the story a lighter tone.

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In the short film 2081, we can see many plot changes that affects the the mood and atmosphere. One example of this is when George is on the couch trying to remember Harrison being taken away. The shifts between the empty hallway and the hallway full of police officers seem to represent George trying to remember the truth. However, the radio the George wears stops him before he can. In addition to this, another example of plot elements and details is in first scene where Harrison Bergeron appears. As soon as he gets on stage, he mentions that there is a bomb underneath the stage. This immediately invokes an atmosphere of fear and terror in both the audience in the movie and the viewer. Another difference in the movie was that Harrison was actually held in a prison and tortured for six years before he actually escaped. This also supported by the fact that in the movie, Harrison’s physical appearance is different from the story. In the movie, his long messy hair, dirty ripped clothes, and chains seem to give the feeling that he has been imprisoned or suffered for a considerable amount of time. All in all, this introduces the feeling of suffering that is associated with the atmosphere of darkness which is prevalent throughout the film.