Tougher Laws on Animal Cruelty Imagine your skin being burnt

Tougher Laws on Animal Cruelty
Imagine your skin being burnt, imagine your precious legs and arms being torn off savagely, imagine being kicked constantly, imagine losing your life just to provide entertainment for another species.
This is what animal can go through every single day at the hands of us humans. And this is called animal cruelty also known as violence against animals.

Can I ask you to put your hands up if you have a pet?
Imagine your dog that you had for 10 years constantly being tormented, for example being kicked brutally and your pet being burned alive, just for some hilarious entertainment.

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(You can sit down now)
They live, they breathe, they have feelings and have lives. So why does this make us better than them? So, I stand up today, before you to you all be aware that there should be tougher laws on animal cruelty and why this MUST change. I strongly believe that we should abolish these hideous laws and create tougher laws for these inhumane people causing aggravating animal cruelty.

Firstly, in the 2012-2013 financial year nearly 49,861 cruelty complaints were Australia wide. But 50,000 complaints were made There has been a 2.92% increase in