Unicef have been working with a global reach team and a large number of expertise

Unicef have been working with a global reach team and a large number of expertise, to achieve their goal of having well achieved humanitarian and development programmes in around 150 countries. The global reach of Unicef is much stronger and further beyond any other charities, especially a children’s. The staff have been tried in a certain field, which allows them to work out the real issues of health, nutrition and the role of protecting the lives of children. Unicef are also working close with a variety of different communities and governments, which are trying to tackle the root problems of poverty, and how underdeveloped countries can supply the needs that a child is required to have. Unicef uk work closely besides Unicef, as they try and support them with supplies, and a trained team if a humanitarian emergency hits. They have one of the largest supply system in the world, which allows them to deliver the essentials, if a huge problem has taken place.’On average over the last five years, for every pound spent by Unicef UK, 70p went towards their work for children around the world, 29p was spent on raising another pound and 1p was spent on governance of the charity.’ This statement was published on unicef uk’s website, and it is important to see how they are spending the money and how effective it can be.