Upbringing Parents are responsible of what their children react or respond towards someone of different race

Parents are responsible of what their children react or respond towards someone of different race. Everything parents do; whatever the thing good or bad, their children willadopted and take it as a habit.
According to “Top 10 Reasons” parents have a significant effect on what their child believes and what they think. Every time the parent says or reacts harshly towards someone of a different race, they are giving their child a message that racism is the right thing to do. Hate comes from your family and is hard to change; it can also become a part of your personality and who you are.
Personal experiences
When people live a bad experience because of a certain person of different race; normally he will be careful when meeting other person of the same race, taking bad impression of that race; it is the human nature to survive in this world.
If someone from a certain race has assaulted you, you are more likely to have fear towards people of that race. This is normal; it is natural for people to react this way. It is the same as when a colleague or friend betrays you, you are likely to have an opinion on that person’s race or culture. It is hard not to be racist because of these experiences; it goes against your survival instinct (“Top 10 Reasons”).

Stereotype spread all over the world because of the media. Is one of the reasons that racism still exist till today in our society. The bad ideas that people adopt towards certain race fall under many causes; media, society, parents, are all participate in it.
According to “Top 10 Reasons”stereotyping is a common cause of racism. It is expressed through television, radio, internet, music and books. The result they have can make more people become stereotypes. When a person of a young age is exposed to stereotypes or to groups who are stereotyped they will assume that all are like this. Also, when a recourses it displaying a race in a negative way they will think the same way as stereotypes.
3.3. Conclusion
In this chapter we can see that racism has many definitions. However, the most popular one is that racism is the bad treatment and the prejudice against certain people based on their race and ethnicity. Today ,the term” racism ” is based on the idea that people can be subdivided into groups according to their race , ethnicity ,capacities, and social class ,until now racism is still exist in many countries , people are suffer from this phenomena .
Racism is one of the most issues in society which can affect our future , unfortunately nowadays , many cases of violence we can see as a result of racism, prejudice, towards different groups whether black , or stranger ,or any person which is different from that of oneself. Racism can be considered as a part of our human history since long time . Therefore, to make this phenomena disappear , we need awareness , and to stop plant the idea of racism into our consciousness and the consciousness of our next generation .In this chapter we can see that racism has many aspects each one define itself and also the reasons behind racism is much

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