We have first successfully synthesized Colocasia var

We have first successfully synthesized Colocasia var. esculenta mucilage-g-PLA (CM-g-PLA) through microwave ring-opening polymerization of lactide (LA) onto CM using stannous octoate catalyst in chloroform medium. This followed by its detailed characterizations and pre-evaluation on its efficiency towards dye removal from aqueous solution. Although, the reports on dye removal using polysaccharide-g-polylactide or polylactide itself as adsorbents, are generally scanty due to hydrolysis issue, when directly applied in water. More researches in this direction needed to help make vital conclusion on their potential and highlight suggestions for further improvement on their adsorption efficiency for dye removal. In composite, the removal efficiency of CM-g-PLA can enhance to some extent in comparison to the grafted copolymer.