When communicating in a workplace

When communicating in a workplace, it is very important to consider a number of key factors that will help ensure that you communicate effectively as possible. When communicating you must think about what your aim is and what you would like to achieve. For example your aim may be to inform or educate such as at boss training we send packs to new customers after they have recently had a course with us and we send leaflets and information booklets so they know what we have to offer to our new and existing customers and so they know more information about our business, by doing this we wish to achieve more business from our new customers. If you wish to achieve your aim you must be clear in what the purpose of your communication is. Your audience is a key point to consider when thinking about how you are going to communicate. Things to consider when thinking about communicating are things like whether they are an external or internal audience, another would be what is the most effective and appropriate communication method. Other things you need to think about is in which tone and style your communication is. Your audience may need copies or handouts for them to takeaway and refer to when the information provided comes in handy. To present information as effectively as possible you must work through a series of steps to help maximise your impact.